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Misc book info

Page history last edited by Katie Day 11 years, 8 months ago

Guy Davenport


From Beth:

<<Currently I am smitten with Guy Davenport, and it has been wonderful to have some summer time to read at him. It takes a great deal of work for me to get through his pieces. An easier read and one relating to China is "The Richard Nixon Freischütz rag" from Da Vinci's Bicycle. Davenport is known for an assemblage style, and I enjoy trying to figure out how the pieces are linked. How does Da Vinci, Salai Jacopo, Nixon, Kissinger, Mao, G. Stein and A. Toklas relate to each other? Not only that but it's the rich cultural and political images that are also included--Freischütz, ragtime, Assissi, Cathay, Columbus, McKinley, Sassetta, Metternich....


And to be more anal, here are a couple more review:
Guy Davenport
Review of Contemporary Fiction, The, Fall, 2005 by David Cozy
"Fiction in the Modernist mode" in Literature, moderns, monsters, popsters and us
By George Stade



That Man Across the Street — Nonfiction, July/August 2005 -- by Jim Gourley


Jim Gourley


Rudenoon -- blog, photos, poetry, etc.

Rudenoon on Twitter


Poem by Jim Gourley


From Eclectica: 


Gourley, Jim
A Home in a World — Nonfiction, July/August 2004
That Man Across the Street — Nonfiction, July/August 2005
The Fourth Hush Puppy: A Journey from Joke to Paradox and Disaster — Nonfiction, October/November 2005
Tragedy Lite: or How to Spin a Classical Lesson Into PC Farce — Nonfiction, July/August 2006



Gretel Ehrlich


From Julia:

<<Have you come across Gretel Ehrlich - I imagine you have. Am reading her Solace of Open Spaces and enjoying it.





From Beth:

<<Yes--Gretel introduced Jim to me.She's a case for me where it is better not to know the person individually. I was too close to many of the things she describes in that book to know where she is coming from. It's also a good example of the writer versus the ones who actually live that life. She was able to peek into that life (as she describes in the book) too conveniently, but that is not 

to discredit her for trying to understand it. I just find Gretel's writing too much about herself. In comparison Annie Proulx also paints some nasty pictures about survival in Wyoming which is more authentic (and not about Proulx). When I first moved to China, Moira had given me her first Wyoming collection of short stories. I read them and hated them because there was not the romanticism I wanted to believe. Later I read at them again and realized how accurate she really was. And interestingly when I read her pieces they make me a bit homesick.



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